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The DJ Drops resource you have been looking for!!

A complete DIY DJ Drops kit with the Full Ableton Live Project Template with 4 demo drops for you to customize. Yeeyah!!

You get the entire Ableton Live Project complete with ableton native fx, grouping, vocal & mastering chains etc (no third party plugins needed). Reverse engineer our template to analyse the settings, fx and chains as well as the sample arrangement and timing.

The kit also includes 100's of professional work parts, fx, impacts and drops to mix and match to create your own custom dj drops, intros and mixtape ids.

Just add your recorded DJ Name Voiceover into the project file and mix n match the included work parts library tools and Boom! Pro Quality DJ Drops!!

Damn...we make you look good!


Q: Does this package include the Ableton Software?
A: No. You must already have it installed on your computer or purchase it (30 day trial version?) from www.ableton.com

Q: I don't have a good voice to record my dj name voiceover, can you help me by producing a "dj name only" voiceover?
A: We will be offering this "dj name only" service very soon.

Q: I need more "work parts" to create different drops, can you provide them for me?
A: We will be providing themed "work parts" ie house, urban etc very soon. But you can take advantage of our existing vocal packs and dj samples

Q: Why Ableton Live?
A: Because Its PC & Mac and has all the built-in plugins and fx needed to achieve a HQ sound (no 3rd party plugins needed). Its not the "go to" audio software for most drops production, but with many DJs using ableton to produce edits, remixes and mashups, its any easy transition to using it to produce drops.

Q: Can you give detailed instructions on the fx, groupings & chain settings setup?
A: Its all available for you to view in the template. - "teach a man to fish..." ;-)

Q: Is this the "best" setup in ableton to achieve a pro sounding dj drop?
A: Its "one" way of achieving a great sound. There are many other ways in terms of chains, mastering settings and 3rd party plugins to achieve a great sound. We don't claim to be ableton 'gurus', but we think this setup is clean, tidy and and gives a great sound. Experiment, you might find that you can extract a better sound with a different setup! Its a starting point.

Q: Do you use only the standard plugins on your custom drops productions?
A: No. We have a few 'special' plugins/settings we use to achieve our sound. If you purchase our custom drops packages your drops will have the 'special sauce' applied. Its harder to achieve the 'massive' sound with standard fx.

Q: Why don't you give us all the third party plugins, settings & techniques?
A: It has taken us a long time to learn and develop our processes. While we are prepared to help djs and make things easier for them, we need to maintain some of our production processes so we can continue to offer our HQ custom dj drops packs. Its a big step to give provide

Q: Will I be able to achieve a HQ result from this template?
A: You have all the resources, work parts and settings required to produce professional dj drops. However, depending on your level of ableton knowledge, creativity and drop production knowledge your results may vary. But we think you will be very happy with the quality of the template and work parts - the rest is up to you!

Q: I just can't get the type of dj drop style/quality I need from this template, can I just purchase packaged custom drops with my DJ Name in them?
A: You sure can. We provide different types of custom dj drops packages here (as a bonus, we include the "dj name only" drop in these packages so you could use them in your production template!)
















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