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Trumpet Sound Effects Pack

Trumpet instrumental sound effects that you can easily to add to your productions! Tons of Trumpet Audio Files in mp3 fil...More Info


Easter Sound Effects Pack

The easter sound effects pack is full of easter inspired sounds and samples. All files are in mp3 format and can be used ...More Info


Sirens & Horns Sound Effects Pack

Looking for horns, sirens and emergency sound effects? Look no further! Over 40+ Horns and Sirens Audio Files including: ...More Info


Trap Life: Guitar Melody Pack - Miss You #1

Inspired by the seducing guitar melodies of Lil Peep´s greatest songs! This toolkit is filled with 40 depressing...More Info


Trap Life - Guitar Melody Pack - Miss You #2

Guitar melody loop pack! More Info


Trap Life: Nightwave Volume #1

Weighing in at 542 MB, this collection delivers all key-ingredients for cooking up your next hit. Being inspi...More Info


TRAP LIFE - Juicy Vocals

Juicy Vocals contains a big library of carefully selected vocals by more than 20 different artists. We teamed up wi...More Info


Trap Life: Deep-House / Techno Essentials "Luv"

Luv 2020 - Deep House / Techno Essentials“ delivers a futuristic blend between mysterious, dark  atmospheres co...More Info


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