About Us

Welcome to Mixaloop, the "DJ Tools Supersite".

Our goal is to provide a 'one stop shop' for DJ's and Remixers to find all the loops, samples and sound tools they need to create smokin' hot mixes and remixes. Here you will find an extensive arsenal of loops, samples and beats, ready for use in your own mixes & remixes.

We source the latest, rarest and essential samples and give them the Mixaloop treatment ready for your use.

We do this by sampling the finest acapellas & beats and then editing them to be 'DJ ready'. Our process is no secret, we sample the material, determine the BPMs, Beats, Bars and Loop points and then create normalized Acidized WAV files that are ready for you to drop into your mixes. On point, in time, everytime!

Because the process is no secret, DJ and remixers understand the time consuming process of sourcing and preparing mix ingredients and they also appreciate the time savings that can be achieved when they purchase our loop/sample packs.

Make no mistake, it takes our team of professional remixers many hours of work to prepare these sounds to get them 'mix' ready for you. If you lack the time or the skill, let Mixaloop do the hard work for you!

You can then concentrate on cutting/looping/pasting/mashing our loops & samples into their own mixes/remixes, adding you own 'flava' with our help!

We Make You Look Good, We Loop It for You!

The Mixaloop Team