Terms Of Service

Mixaloop.com is a looping and sampling service designed predominately for dj's that play music in night clubs. The loops and samples contained on mixaloop.com are provided for the sole purpose of enhancing a dj's overall performance.

The original artists retain all copyright over the material we sell. We are not claiming ownership of any of the samples we provide, we are offering you a service to prepare these loops from songs you already own. We are just preparing the loops with metadata regarding tempo to save you the time.

By clicking the "i agree" button upon checkout, you certify that you are a dj and will use the material obtained on mixaloop.com for no other purpose other than to enhance your performance as a dj, and you will not resell or redistribute any of the music obtained on mixaloop.com.

Furthermore, before purchasing any of the loops and samples on mixaloop.com, you also certify that you are already in possession of the original works that contain the sampled material. Before purchasing from this site, you will be required to agree to these conditions on the checkout page. By clicking "i agree" upon checkout, you are agreeing to the terms set above.