How to Buy

How Do I Buy?

It's as easy as - Preview - Purchase - Download! Just Preview the sounds by clicking the play button, purchase the sounds by clicking on the 'add to cart' button and proceed through checkout to complete your order. Once your order has been processed you will automatically receive an email with a link to Download your new sounds instantly.

What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept credit cards and Paypal account payments through Paypal. Paypal is a recognized leader in E-commerce.

Is My Order Secure?

Absolutely! At the point where you actually enter your credit card details at Paypal, you will notice that you are on a secure https server. You should look for a small padlock icon at the bottom right of your browser which indicates that you have a secure and encrypted connection to the payment form.

At no point in time do you give any credit card details to us. The secure transaction is handled by Paypal and we are only notified by Paypal if the payment was successful or not.

Do I Need a Paypal Account to Purchase?

No. Paypal also accepts credit card payments without having to actually have a Paypal account.

Will I be re-billed?

No. You will not be re-billed. Every time you purchase a download pack from us you are making a one-off payment for the product you are ordering.

What Is Your Refund Policy?

Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds on downloaded products. We urge you to preview the sounds and read the product descriptions before you purchase. You may also contact us at sales@mixaloop.com with any additional pre-sale questions. We believe in our products and are confident you will be very pleased with your purchase.

How Can I Be Notified Of New Products?

Join the mixaloop.com newsletter or better yet create an account and receive special offers and unique discounts for Mixaloop account holders.

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Loops and Samples

What file format are the loops and samples you sell?

All of our drum sounds are in the 44.1/16bit .wav format. Every loop pack that you purchase the files are delivered to you in one handy ZIP file.

Will your loops work in my software?

Any hardware sampler, software sampler or audio program that can play or import a .wav file can be used. The number of programs is to long to list

The acapella previews have a drum track behind them, are these drums present in the acapella loops?

No. The acapella loops contain only the vocals, so they will fit into your DJ sets and remixes containing your own drums. The drum track on the previews is to demonstrate how the loops will fit into a tempo and to also discourage copying of our loops :-)

The quality of the previews are poor, is this the quality of the actual loops?

No. The loops are high quality and have been digitally remastered for your use. The previews are just low quality samples of the actual loop you will receive.

Do your loop files contain tempo and beats/bars references?

Yes. Each file name contains the optimum tempo of the loop and the number of beats or bars (in most cases 4 beats = 1 bar) in the loop.

For example, in the loop "97-fatman-scoop-get-it-up-right-now-4-bars-97bpm", the "97" indicates the optimum tempo (however most modern sequencing packages will allow you to stretch and manipulate the sound in order to reach your desired tempo within reasonable limits) and the "4-bars" indicates that the loop is 4 bars (16 beats) in length.

If you are using a sampler or sequencer that doesn't support acid loop metadata, or you just want to manually loop them yourself, the BPM and beat/bar information contained in the file name will allow you to quickly get these synced to your dj set/remix in no time.

Are your loops 'Acidized'?

Yes. All of our WAV file loops contain the beat count for Acid, however our files will still work with other audio sequencers that don't use the ACID format. Our WAV files are simply standard WAV files that contain additional information for users of Acid and other samplers/sequencers that support the ACID format.

What are 'Acidized' loops?

This is a format that allows tempo matching in programs that support the format. Programs that don't support Acidization just read them as normal WAV files, as if there were no time compression-expansion (TCE) tags in them. ("Acid" is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation.)

"Acidized" WAV (also called RIFF WAV) take their name from the Sony program, Acid, which popularized on-the-fly digital audio time-stretching so loops of varying tempos and keys could be used together seamlessly, without any offline processing. These files contain "metadata" that can be interpreted by programs that do Acid-style time-stretching.

Are Your Loops and Samples "Royalty Free"?

No. The original artists retain all copyright over the material we sell. We are not claiming ownership of any of the samples we provide, we are offering you a service to prepare these loops from songs you already own. We are just preparing the loops with metadata regarding tempo to save you the time.

Can I Use These Loops and Samples in My Remixes and DJ Sets ?

If your remixes are not 'sold' you can use them for your own non commercial use, this includes DJs who play to an audience and for your own listening pleasure. If you plan to use them in a mix/remix that you wish to sell, you need to ge the permission of the copyright holder to include these llops and samples in your mixes. This might include paying royalty fees to the artist.

I Have Other Questions!

That's great, you may contact us at sales@mixaloop.com with any additional questions. We believe in our products and are confident you will be very pleased with your purchase.

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