Acapella Loops

Acapella Loops featuring the dopest vocals available.

Product Description Price Preview
Acapella Loop Pack 18 (90-110bpm)

We keep doing what we do by providing the DJ & remixing community with the best DJ Tools in the market. Our latest vocal only pack...More Info


Acapella Loop Pack 17 (70-89bpm)

Need more vocal loops for your mixtapes, remixes or mashups?? Then check out our Acapella Loop Pack 17 (70-89bpm). All you "dirty ...More Info


Acapella Loop Pack 16 (111-120bpm)

The Mixaloop Acapella Loop Pack - Volume 16 (111-120 bpm) is stuffed full of the latest vocal samples. These amazing Vocal Loops a...More Info


Acapella Loop Pack 15 (100-110bpm)

Yo, DJs! We are heating up with another Vocal Loop release. The Mixaloop Acapella Loop Pack - Volume 15 (100-110 bpm) is available ...More Info


Acapella Loop Pack 14 (90-100bpm)

Mixaloop is pleased to announce more essential DJ Vocal Tools for your Mixes and Remixes. Presenting the Mixaloop Acapella Loop Pac...More Info


Acapella Loop Pack 13 (120-135bpm)

The Mixaloop Acapella Loop Pack - Volume 13 (120-135bpm) is packed full of hot vocal loops ready to rock your party! This hot coll...More Info


Acapella Loop Pack 12 (100-110bpm)

We have just added another Acapella Loop pack to our arsenal. Mixaloop presents the Acapella Loop Pack  Volume 12 (100-110bpm)...More Info


Dennis Blaze - Fire Breaks 2

Dennis Blaze ( www.dennisblaze.com ) is back with another exclusive release of his 'secret tool More Info


Acapella Loop Pack 11 (90-100bpm)

Its been a while since we released an Acapella only Loop Pack. But we are back with another high quaility exclusive release - the M...More Info


Dennis Blaze - Fire Breaks 1

Dennis Blaze ( www.dennisblaze.com ), one of the West Coast's hottest DJs/Remixers has reached More Info


Acapella Loop Pack - Eminem Edition

Guess Who's Back! The real Slim Shady lends his vocal talents to some of the hottest and most recgnizable vocal hooks in music tod...More Info


Acapella Loop Pack - 50 Cent Edition

DJs and remixers rejoice, the sought after 50 Cent vocal loops are ready for you now! All these 50 Cent vocal loops are highly usa...More Info


Acapella Loop Pack - Pitbull Edition

You asked for them, you got them! Pitbull Acapella Loops Baby!Pitbull acapella samples are in hot demand and it's very hard to find...More Info


Acapella Loop Pack - Fatman Scoop Edition

"Here We Go Now, What? What?" Unmistakably Fatman Scoop. The godfather of Hypes and Vocal Samples for Remixers and DJs. Nothing sa...More Info


Acapella Loop Pack 10 (130bpm+)

Looking for some uptempo hyperpellas for your mix? Look no further than Acapella Loop Pack 10 (130bpm+). Containing 29 of the hott...More Info


Acapella Loop Pack 9 (121-130bpm)

Presenting Acapella Loop Pack 9 (121-130bpm) This killer collection of vocal  loops offers you a wealth of options to add ins...More Info


Acapella Loop Pack 8 (121-130bpm)

The Acapella Loop Pack 8 (121-130bpm) contains 56 Vocal Loops perfect for adding hot vocal flavor and emotion to your mixes! Includ...More Info


Acapella Loop Pack 7 (111-120bpm)

Mixaloop presents Acapella Loop Pack 7 (111-120bpm) We are extremely proud to bring you the lastest installment of this popular se...More Info


Acapella Loop Pack 6 (101-110bpm)

The world famous, highly acclaimed, Mixaloop Acapella Loops series has another member - Acapella Loop Pack 6 (101-110bpm). This aw...More Info


Acapella Loop Pack 5 (101-110bpm)

Are you kidding? Listen to the demo. These loops are off da hook! Acapella Loop Pack 5 (101-110bpm) contains a massive 77 Acapella...More Info


Acapella Loop Pack 4 (91-100bpm)

Mixaloop are extremely proud to present the Acapella Loop Pack 4 (91-100bpm) release. How long would it take you to sample these s...More Info


Acapella Loop Pack 3 (91-100bpm)

We’re back with our latest acapella loop pack, and it’s a killer! A crazy 76 loops at the sweet tempo range of 91-100b...More Info


Acapella Loop Pack 2 (81-90bpm)

Too busy to find, sample and loop those hot acapellas in your mixes? We have you covered. Introducing Acapella Loop Pack 2 (81-90bp...More Info


Acapella Loop Pack 1 (60-80bpm)

The first release in the 'Acapella Loop' pack series, Acapella Loops 1 (60-80bpm)is the beginning of DJ or Remixer fame.Our Acapell...More Info